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TallSlim Tees was founded in 2014 by Dan Deceuster after years of personal frustration with t-shirt sizes. Brands with tall sizes only added a little extra length to their shirts. Big and tall sizes were plenty long but far too big everywhere else. He decided to do something about it and designed a custom t-shirt customized specifically for tall, lean men. In his own words:

“I took 17 different measurements of every part of my t-shirts. With that I figured out the dimensions of the perfect shirt for me. I had this shirt made and it fit more comfortably than anything I had ever worn. So I decided to use my design to start a line of shirts designed specifically for guys who are tall and skinny like I am.”

It took nearly 9 months of trial and error with different measurements, materials and manufacturers, but eventually he created t-shirts perfectly fitted to tall, slim men.

Today, TallSlim Tees come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors to fit men from 6’0″ to 7’0″. TallSlim Tees are also available in women’s sizes. We have both short and long sleeves available and will continue to add more colors, sizes and styles throughout the year.


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We came across this nifty little store this week.  A lot of tall people wear XL - XXL tee shirts since that is all the big box stores have that fit our shoulders.  However, those shirts are generally ... more ››

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