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Halloween is passed, Thanksgiving is knocking on the door, and Christmas is just around the corner.  We love shopping here at Bigandtalldeals and the holidays are the perfect time to do it.  We hope we can make your search for your big and tall Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Green Monday deals and coupons as painless as possible.

We’ll be combing the internet all day every day to uncover the best deals and coupons for all our big and tall friends.  Come back often to see all the new treasures we uncover from now till Christmas.

Big and Tall Holiday Deals and Coupons



Altus Menswear

American Tall




  • Black Friday
    • $7.99 – $24.99 doorbusters including tops, denim, pajamas, and sweatshirts.
    • Buy 1 get 2 free big and tall sportswear, Activewear, and dress shirts.
  • Cyber Monday
  • Compare recent deals and coupons for Belk.

BigBen Tees

Big Shoes




Destination XL



Duluth Trading Co

Eddie Bauer


Famous Footwear


J. Crew

Jos A Bank



Men’s USA


Old Navy

Tall Slim Tees

Westport Big & Tall

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Thanksgiving decorations have been in stores for a few weeks now and it’s time for the frenzy to begin.  Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Green Monday are some of the best times to save.  We have made it our business to find all the best plus size Black Friday deals and coupons.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be continuously updating this list as we find additional posted saving opportunities for ladies on the better side of average.  Check back on a regular basis so you don’t miss any potential savings this holiday season.

Plus Size Holiday Deals and Coupons


Addition Elle


Alloy Apparel

Ashley Stewart




  •  Black Friday
    • Up to 75% off curvy doorbusters including tops, bottoms, denim, jackets, dresses, and sweatshirts
    • $19.99 Boots
    • Buy 1 get 2 free Kim Rogers apparel
  • Cyber Monday
  • Compare recent deals and coupons from Belk.





Charlotte Russe


Curvy Kate

Curvy Sense

Dia & Co





Duluth Trading Co

Eddie Bauer




Famous Footwear


Fashion Nova

Fashion to Figure





Jessica London

J. Jill


Lane Bryant






Old Navy

Plus in Love



Simply Be



Swimsuits for All


Ulla Popken

Urban OG

Woman Within



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Plus Size Women in BlueGone are the days when plus size women had few options for finding that perfect little black dress or trendy outfits to flaunt their curves.  All thanks to the evolving definition of ‘beauty’ and the rising generation of exquisite, intelligent and bold women who embrace their curves!

“I’ve never felt like I’ve needed to change . . . I’ve always thought, ‘if you want someone different, pick somebody else.'” – Melissa McCarthy

To cater to the market of empowered plus size women, many brands and designers have begun to develop a wide variety of curvy clothing and other merchandise.  This is a much welcome change and it ensures plus size women get access to several choices when it comes to what they want to wear, just like every other woman.  With the advent of the digital era and large-scale adoption of online shopping, the timing could not have been any better.  Online shopping has opened the doors to a whole new world of affordable fashion for the plus size women.

Here are the top 9 advantages of online shopping for plus size women.

Great Choice and Variety

The biggest pain point while shopping for plus size women’s clothing is the disappointing variety of outfits and very limited styling options!  A retail store can only hold so many articles of clothing while a digital showroom can literally have hundreds of thousands of items to choose from.  This is where online shopping is making a huge difference in the lives of millions of plus size women!

Whether you’re looking for plus size dresses or women’s plus tops, it’s all available online!  Almost all brands that sell plus size women’s trendy clothing have opened their shops online by setting up their own websites, mobile apps, or, partnering up with popular online shopping portals.  Apart from having a great variety of colors, sizes, and styles, the best part about shopping is that you can order almost anything from wherever you are in the world.  In addition, online shopping sites maintain a huge stock of products to meet the demands of international buyers.  So while you might have to call dibs on that one perfect dress at a physical store, if they have it in your size and cut, you will rarely face such a situation online.  Even if a product you really want runs out of stock while shopping online, many online shopping sites will allow you to place an advance order for that product and make it available to you as soon as possible.  You can also add products to your ‘Wishlist’ and be notified once the item is again available online.  So keep calm and enjoy shopping online!

Easily Compare Prices and Products

The best part about online shopping is that you get to compare products and prices across online shopping sites before you make a purchasing decision.  If you’re looking for plus size swimwear for women, you can do your own research on what’s hot and what’s not across various online shopping sites and view them side by side on your laptop or mobile browser.  This way you get to know the cheapest price at which your most desired product is available and save your money.

Searching through a store can be a frustrating and time-consuming endeavor.  Things aren’t usually in the right place, or you have to sort through a couple of dozen items to find the size you want.  Online shopping is as easy as typing in your search, clicking on a product, choosing your size, and hitting the “Add to Cart” button.   Want to compare products from two different stores?  Just pull up two browser windows and look at them both at the same time.

Avoid the Lines

If you’re someone who hates going shopping because of the harrowing experience of having to run into crowds and waiting for your turn at the changing room, online shopping is for you.  No matter whether it’s you are on your lunch break or you want to do some late night browsing on your laptop, online shopping can be done anytime and anywhere.  This convenience is by far one of the biggest perks of the online shopping experience.  No need to worry about going through a crazy store shopping experience during the festive season and no need to worry about fighting through traffic or finding a parking spot.  Online shopping can save your time, money and effort.


Have you ever felt shy about having a good look at things like adult toys, sexy lingerie, and products you want to keep on the down low?  If you would like to keep your shopping preferences and purchases extremely private, online shopping is a great option for you. You don’t have to go through the uncomfortable experience of being judged by prying eyes at shopping store anymore.  After all, what you shop for is your own business, isn’t it?

Easy Returns

Returns are probably the one things plus size women worry about the most.  Curvy figures some in so many different shapes and sizes that finding the perfect items can be a multi-step process.  Today it is more common than not to find stores that provide free returns with in-store credit so you can exchange your merchandise until you get something that fits perfectly.  Places like Nordstrom having amazing return policies.  Be sure to always investigate a store’s return policy before purchasing.

Online Reviews

In case you’re one of those skeptics who does not believe in the credibility of the products sold online, there’s great news for you.  Most popular online sites encourage shoppers to write down reviews of a particular product they’d recently purchased online.  Online reviews help prospective buyers get a real insight into the personal shopping experiences of other buyers with a particular product or retailer.  Just by reading reviews, you can take a call on whether you want to buy the product or skip the idea.  Amazon is one of the stores that has made customer review an integral part of their business model.  Items with 4 and 5-star reviews generally get a large majority of the business and sellers are constantly improving products and services to ensure they receive top-tier reviews.

One word of advice is that you really take the time to read the reviews, especially the negative ones.  Some of the smaller retailers have been known to try and game reviews.  However, this type of tactic is generally a short-term play that will usually tank a retailer in short order as customers are savvy to these types of tactics.  When in doubt, search Amazon for the same product if it is available and compare reviews from there.

Personal Stylists

One of the new trending items in the plus size clothing space is personal stylists.   These stylists communicate on a periodic basis (bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) and discuss your design, comfort, and aesthetic preferences.  You receive a box of merchandise tailor-made for you.  You choose which items you keep and you only pay for those items.  If you don’t keep an item the company charges a nominal “styling fee” and provide you with a return label.  If you keep multiple items there are often discount incentives.  Stitch Fix has made a huge splash in the industry recently by providing personalized styling.  One personal stylist company that caters specifically to plus size women is Dia & Co.

Free or Reduced Shipping

According to the US Commerce Department, online spending accounted for 13% of the dollars spent in the US in 2017.  That was the most since the dot-com bubble burst and the beginning of the decade.  One of the leading contributing factors of the increase in online sales was Amazon and their free shipping model; spend $25+ on certain items and standard shipping is free or sign up for their Prime membership and get free 2-day shipping (sign up for a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime here).  This simple change broke down one of the main barriers that online shopping has suffered from over the years.  Many retailers have followed suit and offer either significantly reduced shipping based on purchase amount, or they have removed the cost all-together.  Be sure to account for shipping charges in any purchase decisions that you make.

Find the Best Deals and Prices Online

Whether you are looking for awesome deals on plus size dresses or women’s curvy tops, you will almost always find the best ones online.  Sometimes products are sold online directly to their customers by the manufacturers which reduce overhead costs leading to better pricing.  We like to browse the sale and clearance sections on a regular basis as we tend to find some amazing steals. Bigandtalldeals is constantly looking for the best deals and coupons specific to plus size and big and tall people.   Save time and effort by checking back often or subscribing to our newsletter.

Apart from these top 9 reasons, online shopping has a lot to offer. While we still don’t see any reason visiting stores and trying things on, if you aren’t in a real rush you can save a ton of time and money by shopping online.  The best part about that is the best coupons and deals on plus size products are just a click away!


Dia de la muerte Halloween

Contrary to popular belief, plus size costumes are NOT impossible to find.  And your options are not limited to generic costumes up-scaled for the curvy woman or DIY Halloween costumes thrown together at the last second.  Taking a little extra time now to design your costume will ultimately result in lowered stress and infinitely more success for your Halloween adventures.

The first step to finding the perfect plus size Halloween costume is deciding on the type of costume you want to wear.  This decision should be based on two main factors:  how do you want to feel while wearing the costume?  and how do you want other’s reactions to your costume make you feel?  So, before you make your decision, imagine all the reactions you think you are going to get and how receptive you are going to be to those reactions.  If you don’t like how that train of thought is going, consider a different type for your plus size costume.  However, if you are smiling inside in anticipation of your big costume reveal, read on.

Now that we’ve completed your Halloween self-reflection, it’s time to get some ideas to make your Halloween costume ideas into a reality.   What did you decide?  Scary, funny, traditional, sexy, trending, or something else?  There are so many great Halloween costume options for women right now.  You could be Wonder Woman, a Nun, Mavis from Hotel Transylvania, Eleven from Stanger Things, and so many more.  Below we’ll help you narrow down your search by reviewing some ideas in a few different plus size costume categories.

Funny Plus Size Costumes

If want to walk in the room and watch as each person recognized your costume and immediately smiles, or even better, laughs out loud, a funny plus size costume is the right choice for you.  You’re looking for the costume that puts a priceless twinkle in your friend’s or colleague’s eye which makes you smile right back.

Blowup Unicorn and Princess

Princess Riding a Unicorn

Scary Plus Size Costumes

Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without some scary women haunting the streets.  If frightening small children and making people step back as you walk through the room sounds exciting, here are a few ideas for your bad self.

Couples Plus Size Costumes

Going to a party with a friend or your significant other?  Couples costumes are always popular and there are some amazing, unique Halloween costume ideas for couples.  Here are some of our favorites.

Average Joes Dodgeball Couples Costume

Average Joe’s Dodgeball

Sexy Plus Size Costumes

If getting people to turn their heads and whistle appreciatively is what you are after, we have you covered.  Take a gander at these sexy plus size costumes that are sure to deilver all the attention you can handle.  Just be warned– as a plus sized beauty you might get a good deal more interest than you were expecting.

Traditional Plus Size Costumes

If taking risks isn’t your thing, here are a few ideas for a more traditional plus size costume.

What is your Halloween costume plan? Comment below and help other find their perfect plus size Halloween costume.  Don’t miss our blog post that introduces you to over 50 places to shop online for plus size women, many of which have a selection of Halloween costumes also.

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We know it isn’t always easy to find places to shop online for big and tall men and plus size women.  Being on the better side of average means we can’t just drive down to the local store and find a wide selection of things that fit us.  We generally have to pick and choose between a few select items at multiple shops before we find something.  Occasionally that item blows us away.  However, replicating that feeling every time we shop can seem like a hopeless cause.

Luckily, the internet puts a plethora of stores right out our fingertips.  Unluckily, there are literally millions of websites and, if are anything like us, we don’t have a ton of spare time to shop online for hours a day.  In an effort to help make shopping online easier Bigandtalldeals has consolidated the best online retailers for all things big, tall, plus size and everything in between.  Click on any store to get a list of recent coupons and deals.

Where to Shop Online for Big and Tall Guys

Where to Shop Online for Plus Size Women


If you have suggestions one additional stores we should be looking at please let us know at contactus@bigandtalldeals.com.  Don’t forget to bookmark us and visit our deals page where we scrounge up the best deals on the internet for the big, tall, plus size, and everything in-between.  Interested in getting weekly email newsletter about our latest blog posts and deals?  Sign up here.

Happy Shopping!


We love Halloween.  It is one of those days where we can really express our wild side.  Being big, tall, or plus size means we have a special opportunity to really stand out.  There are so many fun options for costumes for those of us on the better side of average.  We’ve put together a few ideas for your big and tall Halloween this year.  Most shouldn’t be too complicated to replicate.


Short Man on Stilts Costume

Short Man on Stilts
Chris Farley Costume

Chris Farley
Starbucks Coffee Costume

Starbucks Coffee Cup
Marge Simpson Costume

Marge Simpson
Rain cloud costume

Storm Cloud


Shrek and Fiona Costumes

Shrek and Fiona
Salt and Pepper Costumes

Salt and Pepper
Dodgeball Costumes

Dodgeball Movie


Big and Tall Jolly Green Giant Costume

Jolly Green Giant
Big and Tall Lumberjack Costume

Lumberjack Costume
Beg Men Caesar Costume

Julius Caesar
Plus Size Brunhilde Opera Singer Costume

Brunhilde Opera Singer
Plus Size Walda Women's Costume

Where’s Waldo
Tall Men's Gandalf Costume


We hope you enjoyed our costume collage and that you’ve been inspired for your next big and tall Halloween getup.

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Don’t forget to browse our list of where to shop online for big and tall men and plus size women.


Big and Tall Bathroom Blues

Anyone that isn’t 5’8″ and 145 pounds probably knows exactly what I’m talking about already.  Most homes in the United States are built with a standard set of counters, mirrors, toilets, showers, baths, etc.  They work for the vast majority of the population.  There isn’t anything wrong with that, right?  For the big and tall and, there is something absolutely misguided about this logic.  Most of us have the big and tall bathroom blues.

As a tall man, I have a lot of issues with my bathroom.  Because of my height, I have to bend nearly in half to wash my hands; sitting on the porcelain throne is akin to sitting on the floor and getting up is infinitely worse; getting in the shower makes me feel like a claustrophobic hunchback; tweezing my aspiring uni-brow is an exercise in the art of the human accordion; and last, but not least, my shoulders are continually bruised by trying to fit my wide shoulders through a too narrow doorway.  How did a 30″ door become the norm anyway?

Yes, I just threw out a truckload of hyperbole.  And yes, I did it on purpose to prove my point.  The “big”, the “tall”, and the “everything in-between” just don’t fit into what is considered normal.  It is about time that we build something for us, and everyone else can adapt for a change.  Who knows, the muggles might even like it.

Along that train of thought, I’ve come up with a few updates you can make in your home for a big and tall friendly bathroom.

A Proper Sized Toilet and Toilet Seat

We visit the restroom multiple times per day.  Do those visits include an excessive amount of bending, squatting, leaning, and shifting to keep your legs from going numb? If so, then you are most likely in need of a new john.  The standard toilet seems to be a round 16.5″ oval bowl that sits between 15″ to 16″ off the ground.  For both the big and the tall, the circular bowl just doesn’t make sense.  There is not enough surface area to handle our ample-sized rear ends.  Not to mention a guy’s worst nightmare of having our man bits actually touch the inside of the toilet <shudder>.

Replacing your throne with an elongated bowl, approximately 2″ of additional front to back space, makes an enormous difference for the awesomely large.  We can worry less about how we sit on the toilet and more about getting our ablutions done and moving on to more enjoyable endeavors.  Unless you’re a restroom reader or that is your hideaway from the kids, then you do your thing!

Additionally, pairing the elongated bowl toilet with a big john type toilet seat can provide additional horizontal surface area, increase height, a much higher weight limit, or a combination of said benefits.  While these type of toilet seats are a little pricier than regular seats, the added comfort and convenience to our daily waste removal activities is well worth added expense.

Toilet Bowl Sizes Bariatric Toilet Seat

Showerhead Height

The shower is my happy place.  I could sit in the hot embrace of its jet stream for hours on end.  Well, at least I would, except that I am too much of a penny miser and responsible water consumer.   And there is the fact that most showers have some serious deficiencies when it comes to big and tall people.  Many showerheads are too low and the width of the shower area too narrow.  Neither are conducive to a comfortable big and tall bathroom.

A standard showerhead pipe height is approximately 78” tall (6’6”) which sounds pretty reasonable.  Unfortunately, the pipe almost always comes out of the wall at a 90’ angle for a few inches and then curves downward and extends a few more inches.  Add in a showerhead, and you’ve lost 4 – 6” of our initial 78”.  On a 6’8” guy like me, that has the water stream starting at my shoulder, if not a lower.  I can tell you from experience that hunching down to wash your hair won’t do a tall guy’s back any favors.  There are a few practical solutions for an unsuitable showerhead.

Try replacing the shower arm pipe with one that extends vertically.  These can be shaped similar to a swan’s head or they can be adjustable.  While this is the most effective solution, it isn’t always feasible depending on the location and ease of access to the joint where this pipe would be installed.

A second option would be to install a handheld shower fixture.  These allow for both a raised shower platform for those that want the shower head to be a little taller, and a handheld apparatus to make getting the hard to reach parts on our better than average bodies a little easier.

Shower Arm S Shaped Shower Arm Adjustable Handheld Showerhead

Showerhead Coverage

If your showerhead height is just fine and you don’t need a fancy handheld attachment, but your shower just doesn’t give you the coverage you want, a simple update to the showerhead may be the remedy you are looking for.  A wider showerhead makes for a more thorough soaking and less time wasted contorting your body to rinse off the soap, shampoo, and conditioner.  A wider head also has the added effect of warming or cooling broader areas of your body.  You can get these type of showerheads in water conserving and high flow options.

Hotel Shower Curtain

Nothing is worse than stepping into a shower and feeling like your shoulders can barely fit.  Touching the side of the shower or the shower curtain does not provide a clean and refreshing bathroom experience.  Luckily, this is probably the easiest big and tall bathroom blunder to correct, and the hotel industry is the prime example of  an elegant solution.

For years hotel bathrooms having been using the curved shower curtain rod.  This is a quick and effective way to make the shower feel larger than it is.  All without any major construction or expensive bathroom re-configurations.  Budget conscious do-it-yourselfers should consider this the first quick fix for a big and tall bathroom makeover.  These curved shower curtains come in many shapes, sizes, and finishes.  If you do decide on tackling this project, it might also be the perfect time to update your shower curtain to help refresh the look and feel of your restroom.

Curved shower curtain rod

The Vanity

These last ideas are geared more toward the vertically gifted.  Tall people just don’t fit a counter height vanity, and we most definitely don’t have good luck trying to see our face in a bathroom mirror without some amount of bending.   Standard vanities and kitchen counters are 36” tall.   An average height person could wash his hands in a sink at this height without bending over.  For every two inches of height above 6′, you’ll have to bend over an extra inch to reach the sink.  Every additional inch of bending over is exponentially harder for a tall person.

Lucky for us, there is a large enough population of tall people in the world to merit a whole line of vanities that are taller than 36”.  Unfortunately for us, they are projects that take little more time, money, and know-how compared to some of the previous suggestions.  If you need a handyman to help install a new vanity I recommend you look at Thumbtack or Angie’s List.  These companies are connecting everyday people with experts in a plethora of fields, in this case construction & handyman services.  Once you have your new vanity installed, you will kick yourself for not having  enhanced your counter height sooner.  If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, check out this guide on how to raise up a short vanity.

The Mirror Dilemma

Adjusting the height of a bathroom mirror can be one of the easiest fixes; or it can be an utter nightmare depending on the type of mirror, location, light fixtures, and the internal wall structure.  If your mirror hangs by a wire or a few hooks, adjusting the height is a simple fix.  Flat mirrors which are glued to the wall take a bit more effort but are also relatively easy to raise.  Some additional painting and touch up finish work might be also be required.

Wrapping it Up

Cookie cutter bathrooms are not built for the big and tall.  Most things that are not custom built aren’t good enough for those of us that are on the better side of average.  Here is a recap of the items sorted by a combination of relative difficulty of the project and estimated cost.

Job Description Difficulty Cost
1. Showerhead Easy $20 – $50
2. Toilet seat Easy $10 – $100
3. Curved shower curtain rod Average $20 – $75
4. Mirror height increase* Easy/Hard $0 – $200
5. Toilet Average/Hard $100 +
6. Vanity Average/Hard $200 +

* Difficulty varies widely based on the factors listed in the article above.

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What improvements have you done, or are you thinking of doing to create your big and tall bathroom?  Sign in and comment below.

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There are lots of shared problems that big, tall, and plus size people have in common.  We don’t fit in showers, we have trouble finding chairs that are sturdy and comfortable, and we want the latest styles but only find things that aren’t quite in vogue or are a few seasons outdated.  I have a lot of experience buying for a moderately tall male.  Some things I don’t know much about are buying any type of women’s clothing or big/husky size men’s clothing.  An odd thing to admit in a blog for a deals sight that caters to the big, tall, and plus size I know.

In order to be successful, Bigandtalldeals must have the help of it’s community.  We all want to waste less time trying to find the same type of products and service and I hope that by maintaining a place to both find deals and make suggestions I am helping my audience.  I would appreciate any insights and help you can provide on items you are constantly looking for deals on.  When it comes to apparel, the more specific the better (e.g. tall tights, wide wedge shoes, elastic waistband jeans, etc.).  As I get suggestions I’ll add them to this list for everyone’s benefit.  Email your suggestions to contactus@bigandtalldeals.com, or register and join our community.

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Welcome to Bigandtalldeals!  Let me introduce myself.  My name is David and I am 6’8″ tall and weigh 230 lbs., plus or minus 20 lbs. depending on how much Pepsi I have consumed recently.   I am the tallest of eight kids in my family with my shortest brother at 6’2″ and my shortest sister at 5’9″.  I am also a technology guy by trade and have worked the gamut of jobs in my industry from help desk agent to the VP of Software Development.  This is a strange way to introduce myself, I know, but I hope after reading this post you will understand.

As a taller than average North American male, I am constantly running into problems finding products tailored for my size.  I struggle to find good quality clothing, shoes, furniture, sporting equipment, electronics, and  . . . you get my drift.  There are places out there that cater to the vertically gifted, as I affectionately consider myself.  However, finding reasonably priced items for tall people is a constant hassle.  Many times I have to accept the price that is offered because when I find an item it is the only product I’ve seen recently and I don’t want to waste my time trying searching the limited big, tall, and plus size shop offerings.  Hence the reason behind my creating this website.

My goal with Bigandtalldeals is to make a quick and efficient way for you to get notified about products and stores that carry merchandise for those of us that are on the better side of the average.  We are awesome, and it is way past time we are catered to because of it.

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