Amazing Plus Size Costumes are NOT impossible to Find


Dia de la muerte Halloween

Contrary to popular belief, plus size costumes are NOT impossible to find.  And your options are not limited to generic costumes up-scaled for the curvy woman or DIY Halloween costumes thrown together at the last second.  Taking a little extra time now to design your costume will ultimately result in lowered stress and infinitely more success for your Halloween adventures.

The first step to finding the perfect plus size Halloween costume is deciding on the type of costume you want to wear.  This decision should be based on two main factors:  how do you want to feel while wearing the costume?  and how do you want other’s reactions to your costume make you feel?  So, before you make your decision, imagine all the reactions you think you are going to get and how receptive you are going to be to those reactions.  If you don’t like how that train of thought is going, consider a different type for your plus size costume.  However, if you are smiling inside in anticipation of your big costume reveal, read on.

Now that we’ve completed your Halloween self-reflection, it’s time to get some ideas to make your Halloween costume ideas into a reality.   What did you decide?  Scary, funny, traditional, sexy, trending, or something else?  There are so many great Halloween costume options for women right now.  You could be Wonder Woman, a Nun, Mavis from Hotel Transylvania, Eleven from Stanger Things, and so many more.  Below we’ll help you narrow down your search by reviewing some ideas in a few different plus size costume categories.

Funny Plus Size Costumes

If want to walk in the room and watch as each person recognized your costume and immediately smiles, or even better, laughs out loud, a funny plus size costume is the right choice for you.  You’re looking for the costume that puts a priceless twinkle in your friend’s or colleague’s eye which makes you smile right back.

Blowup Unicorn and Princess

Princess Riding a Unicorn

Scary Plus Size Costumes

Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without some scary women haunting the streets.  If frightening small children and making people step back as you walk through the room sounds exciting, here are a few ideas for your bad self.

Couples Plus Size Costumes

Going to a party with a friend or your significant other?  Couples costumes are always popular and there are some amazing, unique Halloween costume ideas for couples.  Here are some of our favorites.

Average Joes Dodgeball Couples Costume

Average Joe’s Dodgeball

Sexy Plus Size Costumes

If getting people to turn their heads and whistle appreciatively is what you are after, we have you covered.  Take a gander at these sexy plus size costumes that are sure to deilver all the attention you can handle.  Just be warned– as a plus sized beauty you might get a good deal more interest than you were expecting.

Traditional Plus Size Costumes

If taking risks isn’t your thing, here are a few ideas for a more traditional plus size costume.

What is your Halloween costume plan? Comment below and help other find their perfect plus size Halloween costume.  Don’t miss our blog post that introduces you to over 50 places to shop online for plus size women, many of which have a selection of Halloween costumes also.

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